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Since 2002, Altia Solutions Ltd have been creating specialist software to manage and support investigations more effectively and efficiently as well as providing investigators with valuable software tools that assist in the collection and analysis of data. We recognise that the manual processes involved in investigations are onerous and are ultimately preventing ‘real’ work being done. So we focus on developing software tools to assist with the managing and supporting of investigations, the collection and analysis of data and the automation of routine tasks in investigations in order to free up the investigator’s valuable time.

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to help investigators with robust and effective software, dedicated training and approachable and knowledgeable support staff. We work closely with police, local government, central government and the private sector to constantly improve our software by listening to their needs. By developing the software with close interaction from the end user it focuses on what is important to investigators in financial, fraud, serious and organised crime, major crime and trading standards

Our tried, tested and trusted investigation software has been proven to save an organisation’s time, resources and money by making information easier to store and share, retrieve and research, compare and contrast, monitor and manage.

Altia Solutions has grown in each one of its operating years and has remained privately owned. All profits have been re-invested in the development and improvement of our software and services to help the investigator. Our software is now used by every police force in the UK in addition to HMRC, Department of Work & Pensions, Trading Standards, Gambling Commission, Forensic Accountants and Insolvency Practitioners.  Investigators out with the UK in both Canadian and Australian Police and Tax authorities are also now benefitting from using our software.  We have now commenced working with software resellers in South Africa and Hong Kong who are both generating a large amount of interest.

This constant focus on continually improving Altia Solutions and our software to benefit investigators is reflected in everything we do. Our reputation for robust and reliable software, specialist training courses along with knowledgeable sales staff and a dedicated support team, has meant that our customer base grows every year.