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Digital Manager


document management for HOLMES2

Digital Manager is the only integrated bulk scanning and multimedia solution for HOLMES2. With Digital Manager you can attach and view any kind of file directly to any type of document or an exhibit including multimedia such as video, audio and digital photographs, office documents and scanned hard copy.

When using our scanning software any registered user can view the image immediately minimising wasted time and maximising productivity. Our optical character recognition converts all type-written text to a searchable digital image. Any scanned text is easily added to the Typing Service saving you time by eliminating manual entry.

The Digital Manager ‘one view’ viewfinder lets you see everything associated with a particular item including the original file attachment, linked documents, document status and more. This helps give you a “bird’s eye view” of your investigation materials. Digital Manager has powerful sorting functionality that helps you filter and sort your information. This can be done either manually or by using automatic selectors of your choosing.

Digital StorageDigital Storage

Digital Manager eradicates the need for ready access to physical evidence by digitising your materials and giving you simple and quick access to the digital copies. You have immediate access to all files, saving you time and resource.

Easy IntegrationEasy Integration

Digital Manager has been developed to work within the business processes of HOLMES2. There is no need to learn complicated new processes and all of your work can be done within your established working practice.


Digital Manager links directly to the Typing Service, which means you don’t have to waste time manually typing documents into HOLMES2. Our scanning software accurately transcribes the text for you.

Single LocationSingle Location

Digital Manager provides a single location for all of your files. If it can be scanned, you can manage it with Digital Manager, saving you and your team time and minimising duplication of effort.

Key Features Key Features Key Features

Capture DataCapture Data

Digital Manager provides a powerful, yet simple to use, scanning and capturing application. Our software is designed to help you capture large amount of data accurately and securely, saving you time and resource.

Automatic Text EntryAutomatic Text Entry

Digital Manager links directly with the Typing Service in HOLMES2. You can scan documents and have the text automatically converted and entered into HOLMES2 at the click of a button, saving you from manual entry.

Bird's Eye ViewBird’s Eye View

Digital Manager helps you get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of all of your document and exhibits. You can easily see the files associated with your investigations and how they link together.