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Financial Analysis Toolbar


interrogate data

Financial Analysis Toolbar provides a set of analysis tools that helps Financial Investigators harness the power of Excel® to interrogate and probe transactional data.

It has been designed to work closely with our market-leading software suite Investigation Toolkit that quickly and efficiently scans bank statements and converts them into consistent, highly-accurate Excel® files. Investigation Toolkit can handle hard copy statements and those received electronically in text, TIF or PDF format.

Toolbar Benefits

Harness ExcelHarness Excel®

The in-built analysis tools help you harness the power of Excel®. Complicated analysis techniques are transformed into a simple click of a button. The Investigation Toolkit makes it easy to manage and work with multiple accounts.

Manage DataManage Data

Financial Analysis Toolbar makes it easy to manage multiple bank accounts with thousands of lines of entries.

Generate ReportsGenerate Reports

Financial Analysis Toolbar helps you to quickly create reports and lists that help you get a simplified summary of complex data. This means you spend more time investigating and less time working on numbers.

Save TimeSave Time

Financial Analysis Toolbar has been designed to save you time. We make complex Excel functionality as simple as pressing a button, which saves you time and resources on a daily basis.

Key Features Key Features Key Features

Easy Pivot TablesEasy Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are a powerful way of viewing complex data. Our Financial Analysis Toolbar drastically simplifies the process of creating pivot tables in Excel.

Selective HighlightingSelective Highlighting

Our Financial Analysis Toolbar lets you easily search and highlight entries that match your specified criteria, helping you quickly spot patterns and identify relevant transactions.

Simple ReportsSimple Reports

Our Financial Analysis Toolbar includes a selection of simple reports that help you quickly find out the information you’re looking for. Standard reports include viewing credits by Account Name, Viewing balances over time and generating account reports.