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Insight is a complete, end-to-end digital investigation package for all types of investigation. It provides a single location for all your information (such as people, organisations, documents, evidence, locations, assets, bank accounts and telephone numbers). Uniquely Insight can also store and search your associated material such as scanned documents, video, audio, images and digital files.

At the click of a mouse you can file, search, filter and link information of all kinds. When it comes time to report or present your investigation (for example, to create court documents) Insight makes it easy to create standard documents, complete forms and applications. We’ve designed Insight to be easy to use. If you can use email and a word processor you’ll be up and running with Insight in less than half a day. Unlike most other systems Insight does not impose a business process. You pick and choose the features needed for each individual inquiry so it works for you, not the other way around.

Insight Benefits

Simple SearchingSimple Searching

Insight provides a single, searchable place for data, documents and information accumulated throughout the course of an investigation. All the material is safe, secure, traceable and quickly accessible.

Easy ManagementEasy Management

Insight provides complete management/supervisor oversight of your investigation direction, activities, and resourcing. It’s easy to track progress and refocus resources where necessary

Share InformationShare Information

Insight is built to manage all areas, and all materials, involved in your investigations. Each member of your investigation can view materials, making it quick and easy to share items across investigators.

Quick ReportingReporting

Insight makes preparing court schedules or investigation reports quick and easy to produce. Standardised forms and hyperlinked digital schedules can be produced at the click of a button.

Key Features Key Features Key Features

Manage DocumentsManage Documents

Insight users are able to record key information crucial to an investigation along with all relevant documentation. All of your investigation information can be easily organised within Insight for quick and efficient retrieval.

Easy AdministrationEasy Administration

Insight helps you create a policy log to set the direction of your investigation, and makes it easy to manage schedules and diaries to record progress and track activities. Insight includes a complete management suite for tasking actions and directing resources appropriately.


Insight makes it easy for users to create specific filtered lists throughout the system to quickly find the information they need. Our unique text search is supported across the system to make it easy for investigators to rapidly sift through and identify key material.

File PreperationFile Preperation

Insight makes creating critical documentation (for example key witness and exhibit lists, and disclosure schedules) as simple as clicking a button. Insight automatically creates the corresponding digital schedules with hyperlinks to associated investigation material.