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Investigation Toolkit


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Investigation Toolkit is a market-leading software suite that quickly and efficiently scans bank statements and converts them into consistent, highly-accurate Excel® files. The Toolkit can handle hard copy statements and those received electronically in text, TIF or PDF format.

Investigation Toolkit also includes features to enable users to quickly and accurately correct transaction errors and navigate large worksheets more efficiently and is designed to work with the Financial Analysis Toolbar which provides a set of analysis tools that helps Financial Investigators harness the power of Excel® to interrogate and probe the transactional data that has been generated.

Toolkit Features

Save TimeSave Time

Investigation Toolkit is over ten times faster than manual data entry, giving you more time to spend analysing the data using our in-built analysis tools.


Our scanning and conversion tools are incredibly accurate. The Investigation Toolkit automatically highlights arithmetical errors in your data avoiding the need to manually check through vast amounts of data.

All File TypesAll File Types

Investigation Toolkit handles paper documents, images (e.g. TIFF and PDF) and digital data (e.g. TXT and CSV). This cuts out the need for multiple applications and keeps all data in one place.

Key Features Key Features Key Features

toolkitscanningSimple Scanning & Reading

The Investigation Toolkit makes extracting information into a useable Excel spreadsheet quick and easy. Our scanning software has been optimised to extract accurate data from paper copies, and can work with multiple formats.

Standard ProfilesStandard Profiles

The Investigation Toolkit saves you time by letting you set up saved profiles for common information formats. This will significantly speed up the process of scanning and extracting data, which means you can spend more time analysing the data and less time on data entry.

Easy Investigation ToolsEasy Investigation Tools

The Investigation Toolkit helps you harness the power of Excel. Key investigations functions (e.g. Merge Accounts, Pattern Matcher, Pivot Tables) are simplified and automated helping you get the information you need.